Sweet & Sourdough: The "sweet" in its name refers to the special sweet potato in its ingredients - the bread is not at all sugary! Made with millet starter, sorghum, white buckwheat, and local white sweet potato. Good for: eating fresh, toast, sandwiches. Can be made as boule or long loaf. Sourness level: mild. $8/loaf

Carolina Millstone: this Southern take on focaccia, named for its classic 'millstone' shape, is made with heirloom Carolina rice, local sweet potato, Carolina corn grits, and a bit of olive oil. Good for: eating fresh, toast. Sourness level: medium. $8/loaf

Blumenbrot: Translating to "flower bread," this German-style sourdough is full of ingredients that come from plants with lovely blooms - poppy, sunflower, flax, chestnut, buckwheat, plus other tasty seeds like hemp and millet. Good for: eating fresh, toast, sandwiches. Sourness level: medium. $8.50/loaf

Rustic baguette: A little heartier than the typical yeasted white baguette, with a satisfying sweet grain flavor from ivory teff. Good for: eating fresh, toast, sandwiches. Sourness level: mild. $8/loaf

Birotes: These chewy Mexican-style sourdough baguette rolls are a little different from the rustic baguette - corn masa gives a lovely grainy sweetness, and a little lime juice in the sponge adds a fruity tang. A farmers' market favorite! Good for: sandwiches, fresh or toasted. Sourness level: mild. 4 for $8.50, or $2.50 each.

Yeasted rolls: Raised with wild cider yeast from the orchards of Botanist & Barrel.

Unless otherwise noted, all breads are egg-free, dairy-free, vegan!

More sourdough and wild yeast breads coming soon! Please email with order requests.